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Macadamia in Shell
Macadamia in Shell

We ship many dozens containers "NIS" (Macadamia in Shell) to Asia for the In-shell roasting market. The industry standard quality processes of SKR (Sound Kernel Recovery) % per weight is used.

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Macadamia Kernel
Macadamia Kernel

Our kernel is supplied in vacuum sealed cartons of 11.34kg (25lb). It is graded according to "Styles", which indicate the shape and size of the nuts

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Maximacs Macadamia Nut "MacsPack"
Maximacs Macadamia Nut "MacsPack"

Macadamia Nuts in shell with cracker - sold worldwide to specialist and independent stores

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Macadamia in Shell

Our main specifications are: 

- 20kg polywoven bags

- 26,000 per 40ft container

- Minimum diameter 20mm (average 24mm)

- Moisture target 1.5% kernel moisture


Quality calculated as follows per 2kg sample:

1. Premium Grade Kernel %  PLUS

2. Commercial Grade  % PLUS

3. Reject Kernel % EQUALS


4. Shell Weight % EQUALS



Macadamia Kernel

Our Macadamia Kernel is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices in our HACCP Certified factory. Main specifications are:

Style 0

Minimum 95% whole kernels (>20mm)

Style 1

Minimum 90% whole kernels (15-20mm)

Style 1s

Minimum 95% whole kernels (12.5-15mm)

Style 2

Greater than 12.5mm with min 50% wholes and large pieces ranging in size from 12.5mm upwards

Style 4L

70% halves and pieces >12.5mm, balance >9.5mm

Style 4

Pieces (9.5-15mm min 50% halves)

Style 5

Pieces (9.5-12.5mm)

Style 6

Pieces (6-9.5mm)

Style 7/Fines

Pieces (<6mm)


Definition of whole kernel: Whole kernels are kernels which are not split or separated into halves, with not more than 25% of the kernel missing provided that the kernel contour is not materially affected by the missing portion

Size above refers to “passing over the smaller diameter hole” and “falling through the greater diameter hole” on the sizer tables. 


Independent laboratory tests are supplied with all batches. These tests are for chemical and microbiological thresholds. 


For more details please contact us.

Macadamia Oil

We have limited volumes of macadamia oil available. The oil is normally pressed from commercial grade kernel, therefore lower volumes are available. 


We supply in bulk volumes of 20 litre pails. 



Typical Fatty Acid Profile


18:1  56-60%


20:0 2-3%


16:1  16-23%


18:2 2-5%


16:0  8-10%


22.0  <1%


20:1  2-4%


14:0  <2%


18:0  2-4%


12:0  Trace%


"Maximacs continuously develop new products for retail use around the world"

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Macadamia Nut & Cracker

Developed for quality retailers worldwide, our MacsPack contains sealed 300g macadamia nuts in shell PLUS a free hand revolutionery hand cracker. We believe this is the only safe, effective hand cracker on the market today. 


Macadamia nuts are notoriously difficult (and dangerous) to crack, especially when people try to use a hammer to do it! But the hand crackers supplied free with our MacsPack provides near perfect cracks, and are used regularly and safely even by our own children. 


Retailing between USD12-15 (depending on stores, taxes and location), it is a highly affordable way to eat freshly cracked macadamias.