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Crop forecast 2017


Our own farm: 2017 crop forecast is still difficult to make. Our farmers report extremely good flower set, however it will depend on rains in October and November whether this translates into a bigger crop. 

The Maximacs crop estimates for 2016 are around 20% down on 2015. However the full Southern African crop is down 35%. This is exclusively due to the drought, and a heatwave during the critical flowering period.   


The South African crop:

The Southern African Macadamia Growers’ Association (SAMAC) has performed a recent round of data collection with updated crop forecasts from all handlers of macadamia nuts. The updated forecast for the 2016 season is 36000 tonnes of nut in shell (NIS; measured at 1.5% kernel moisture content). This is approximately 35% lower than the 2015 crop of 46000 tonnes NIS. In February a forecast of 43 000 tonnes NIS was reported for the 2016 season. 

The handlers and processors have revised their forecasts and all indications are that the drought has affected the industry more severely than initially anticipated. Many role players in the industry have indicated a 20% decline in production compared to the 2015 season, and reports of up to 50% lower production in some areas. According to Walter Giuricich, Chairman of SAMAC, the reason for the lower volumes could be a result of higher nut drop and the fact that many nuts are smaller than usual with thicker shells due to the hot and dry weather conditions. There is a concern that if the current dry weather conditions prevail, the 2017 crop will also be affected.




Country            Declared Annual Tonnage           At Moisture             Adjusted to 1.5%           Real Contribution

South Africa            42,000t                                         1.50%                    42,000                            31%

Australia                  39,000t                                      15.00%                     33,735t                          25%

USA                        22,250t                                        10.00%                   20,359t                            15%

Kenya                     19,750t                                         20.00%                  16,096t                            12%

Guatemala                7,290t                                        10.00%                    6,670t                              5%

Malawi                      5,222t                                         15.00%                    4,517t                              3%

Brazil                        4,420t                                         15.00%                    3,823t                              3%

China                        3,000t                                         10.00%                    2,745t                              2%

Columbia                  1,270t                                         10.00%                    1,162t                              1%

New Zealand            1,000t                                           1.50%                    1,000t                              1%

Paraguay                   300t                                             1.50%                       300t                              0%

Others                      4,000t                                            1.50%                   4,000t                               1%

                              146,502t                                                                     133,408t                            100%

Maximacs sponsors Samac farmers day
On 3 Nov 2016 Maximacs sponsored the Mpumalanga farmers day. With main speaker the ex-South Africa crickets "Vinnige" Fanie de Villiers, this was a memorable day for all. Leading Asian and USA macadamia brokers Wilson Mann and Jonathan Mondschein gave us their view on their respective markets, and Pierre Lombaard (Director: Business Development for Maximacs) discussed the topic "The Billion Rand Question for our Industry". Samac gave a helpful market overview. Finally a contribution on the use of drones completed an informing and enjoyable day. 
A special thanks to other sponsors, Rudamans, Superspar, Numbi Auto and Samac.