Maximacs is a macadamia supply chain partner, working with a limited number of top quality factories and buyers to facilitate sales of:

- Premium grade kernels

- Commercial grade kernels

- Macadamia in Shell

- Macadamia cold-pressed oil


Rather than just being a broker, we take control of every aspect of the supply chain you require: quality control, logistics, contracting, financing, supply management and much, much more



We work with some of the world's best factories in South Africa (including our own factory), Kenya, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Australia, Malawi and New Zealand. 

Our oil is manufactured in one of the leading oil press facilities in Europe, creating the best of the best in macadamia oil. 

All our partner suppliers will be HACCP, GFSI, ISO, BRC or similar standards

SGS are our auditors

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kernel factory 

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Macadamia has several health benefits: 

- No cholestrol

- High in protein and fibre

- Main source of antioxidant ptolemeic acid

- Highest level of monounsaturated fats of any commercial food

- Contains no GMO's


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South Africa and Australia are currently the largest producers, with annual output around 45,000t each. 

Hawaii, Kenya and Malawi are producing between 6,000-15,000 each, with global production estimates around 180,000t. This makes it the most exclusive of tree nuts by production volume. 

China and Vietnam are the largest buyers of inshell macadamia, with most consumption aimed at the Chinese market. 

Kernel users are mostly Japan, USA, Canada, Germany and selected others.


Native to Australia, the Macadamia nut requires tropical or subtropical climates with plenty of water. The shells are very hard to crack, but yields a uniquely creamy and crunchy kernel. 

Trees can take up to 9 years to yield a harvest, but some trees can live more than 80 years. 

It is known as "the Queen of Nuts"



The Lombaard family has been growing and exporting agricultural products since the early 1980's. At the turn of the century we converted a disused tobacco farm into a macadamia plantation. This was followed by a tree nursery, confectionery factory and a macadamia processing plant. As owner/managers we are hugely committed to the success of Maximacs. 

In 2016 we decided to demerge the supply chain division in the United Kingdom from the factory: this allows us to provide an independent, focused service to our buying and selling partners

The name "Maximacs" is short for "Maximising Macadamia Nuts" - we maximise the value and enjoyment of the Queen of Nuts!


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Mac Tub Retail Pack

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Macadamia Nut in retail

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