Maximacs has developed a range of Macadamia Nut Retail products which are marketed globally. 

Right at the start of Maximacs, we decided that there is a need to maximise macadamia nuts - hence the name MaxiMacs! 


Our first effort was to use a subcontractor to make wonderful chocolate coated macadamia bars and truffles. However the pricing was impractical, and volumes were limited, so we decided to build a macadamia nut value adding factory. We converted the old barn on the farm into a state of the art, world class food factory. As we target some of the world's most reputable retailers, we had to ensure quality and safety was always foremost. 

Our first products from our own factory included macadamia nut chocolate bars, and macadamia nut caramel brittle bars. These were particularly popular in Japan and the United Kingdom, although it is sold much further afield than just these. Whilst exhibiting at some of the world's foremost trade shows (Anuga Germany, Sial Paris, Foodex Tokyo, Gulfood Dubai, Sial Shanghai and many more) we saw a demand for 3 products: flavoured nuts, inshell nuts with hand cracker and quality macadamia oil.

In 2016 we launched a unique macadamia hand cracker, which allows the extremely hard shell to be cracked at home. This now gives the consumer direct access freshly cracked macadamia nuts! Subsequently we launched a cosmetics range called MACnifiScent, comprising luxury natural soap, moisturiser, bath salt and hand cream.  


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